Google Calendar

Connect Google Calendar to the scheduling system

How it works

With Google Synchronization, you can sync your appointment schedule with Google Calendar. Each appointment booked will be added to your Google Calendar with the student added as a participant.

For Virtual Sessions this will also automatically create a Google Meet session and invite the student.

Any times marked as busy on your Google Calendar will show as unavailable to students for scheduling, even if you've set it as available in your availability settings in the Tutor Dashboard.

You can select which calendar you would like to be synced after you have linked your Google account.

Important note about rescheduling

Rescheduling, canceling, or deleting appointments MUST be done in the Tutor Dashboard.

Changes made to appointments directly in Google Calendar are not reflected in the Tutor Dashboard. So if you do need to change an appointment, use the Tutor Dashboard.

Changes made to appointments in the Tutor Dashboard will sync back to Google Calendar.

Linking your Google Calendar

Step 1

Go to My Profile in the Tutor Dashboard

Step 2

Click on Sign in with Google

Step 3

Complete Google Sign in process

Google Warning

If you are not using an email address, you may see a warning during the Google sign in process.

You can ignore this warning by clicking on Advanced , then Go to

Step 4

Grant access to your Google Calendar

Once access is granted you should be taken back to the Tutor Dashboard

You tutor profile should now show that you are signed in with Google

Selecting the calendar

In your Tutor Profile you can click the Google Calendar dropdown to select a which calendar you would like to be synced

If you change your calendar, make sure to click on Save Changes

Video Demo

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