Setting Up Your Services and Availability

Employee Profile

Tutors must log into the main site to access the Tutor Dashboard. On the dashboard, tutors can select the arrow next to their email address to edit or update their Employee Profile.


Tutors can fill out their personal details. The first and last names forms are required.


Tutors can pick their grade level(s).

Working Hours

Tutors can pick their working hours.

Working Hours are assumed to be the same for every week during the booking window, which is currently 60 days. You can override the working hours with the Days Off and Special Days sections

Days Off

Tutors can pick their days off.

Days Off allows you to set specific dates you would like to be unavailable for scheduling a tutoring session. Settings in Days Off will override settings in Working Hours.

Special Days

Tutors can pick a special day in case a student needs extra help.

While Working Hours lets you set when you are generally available every week, Special Days allows you to pick specific dates and time you want to be available for tutoring. This can be useful if your schedule is hectic or when you want more manual control over your availability.

Special Days can also be useful when you would like to set up a tutoring session, outside of your Working Hours availability.

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