Tutor Registration

Steps to take to register to be a tutor

Video Demo

Step 1

Go to the Register tab located in the menu bar on TKE's homepage, and click on Tutor Registration

Step 2

Fill in the form and click on the Register button. Make sure you agree to the Terms and Conditions

Step 3

Once the registration is complete you would see the following message:

"Thank you for registering. Before you can login we need you to activate your account by clicking the activation link in the email we just sent you."

Step 4

You will receive an email asking you to activate your account. Click on the activation link.

Step 5

Once the registration process is complete, you would have access to your profile on the website. You would then wait for the TKE staff to verify you as the employee before assuming the role.

NOTE: Appointment Panel sign-in and "Restricted Content" in menu

After logging in for the first time, you may see another Sign-in panel on the tutor dashboard screen like this:

You may also see a menu item that says Restricted Content like this:

It is normal to see this when you first create your account. You are seeing these because a TKE admin has not verified your account and added your account to the scheduling system. After your tutor interview, your account will be verified and added to the scheduling system.

Once you have been verified, the Restricted Content will now say Student Directory and you should be allowed to view the Student Directory like this:

Once you have been added to the scheduling system, you should be a able to reload the Tutor Dashboard page and see something like this:

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