Tutor Overview

What the tutors view once they login

On the menu bar you will see the following links: Messages, Account, Tutor Dashboard, Tutor Resources, Tutor Directory and Student Directory and the Donate button.


Users will be notified of new messages here. Number of unread messages will be indicated as well.


The account link consists of two sub-menus, Profile and Logout. Users can customize their profiles by: Updating Tutor & Contact information. The subject tab allows tutors to select subjects they are interested in teaching. The grade tab shows the range of grade levels. Tutors can select which grades they are interested in. Additionally, tutors may upload their resumes in the resume profile tab.

Tutor Dashboard

Tutors can view their messages. Furthermore, tutors can check for any upcoming appointments and events. Tutors can manually add a new appointment by selecting New Appointment. Tutors can set their working hours and request days off by clicking next to their email address drop arrow and select My Profile.

Tutor Resources

Tutors can access approved resources to aid in teaching difficult subjects.

Tutor Directory

A list of tutors and their profiles. Tutors can send messages to other tutors.

Student Directory

A list of students and their profiles. Tutors can send messages to students, if necessary.

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